The Himalayan Odessey

The Himalayan Odessey……

The Wanderer Soul

“I have conquered many of the highest mountains in and around the states of India”

A statement overheard on a train journey really got me thinking and ask myself; How do you conquer a mountain, how do you fathom the enormity of what is truly immovable. Conquering definitely is emerging victorious after a battle where both sides have given their best. Well surely you have given your best but did the mountain really give its best or even try to put up a fight.

Climbing a mountain was surely not my thing, not because I don’t love to walk, but the feeling of what if I’m not able to complete the journey. The fear kept me gripped across my entire childhood and even in the late twenties. Guess that feeling and thought was rooted deep within thanks to the result orientated society we live in.


Six hours, braving through waist…

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