The Indian Moon Moth

Lying right in the middle of the jungle path, this moth just wouldn’t move. Amidst the clatter and crowd of the people around, the moth was just too engrossed in nature. the species yet to be assessed by the IUCN, is the Indian Moon Moth. One of the most beautiful moth species i’ve ever clicked […]

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The iTravel Story

We are trying to flash the lights of an old haggled bike, trying to see the many huge figures walking towards us along a long winding road which bore no lights for miles and miles. The night is chilling, not with the wind but with the silence all around us. That feeling of unknown territory […]

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Colours Galore!!!!

Zanp Village, Near Bavla, Gujarat is famous for the mataji temple. People from all castes and creeds come and are supposed to donate used clothing as offerings for their wishes to come true. Inside the temple are a lot of pictures of kids and people and even tons of bangles which have been donated over […]

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